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Freeware - Macnifier

Freeware - Macnifier

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Mac OS X software to expand part of your view for a closer look. Macnifier shows a magnified section of your Apple Macintosh screen to help viewing up close. Free to download and distribute.

SubRosaSoft's Macnifier displays a magnified portion of your screen in a separate window. Originally designed as a helper application to assist the visually impaired - it has become an ideal tool for Mac graphic design professionals who need pixel perfect placement and control.

It allows variable zooming, and variable speed refresh. This ability is helpful for the visually impaired and is almost essential for precision work in graphics design programs.

SubRosaSoft.com would like to express our respect to the people involved in the fight against the inequities faced by the 10 million Americans who are blind or visually impaired.

If you like this application and would like to make a donation then please donate to the “American Foundation for Blind” on this page.

Free e-Mail Technical Support
Download Macnifier free here.
Download the Free Software here


Macnifier main window

Questions and Answers

Free online support for all of our Mac OS X software.I need support help, what should I do?
Our technical support is free and can be accessed by e-mail (Our e-mail support hours are 10 am to 7 pm, Pacific time). You must include in the e-mail your serial number, system configurations, and the Mac OS X system software version.

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