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MacMerger is the quick and easy way to merge two folders on your Mac.  Simply select the original folder and the folder you would like to merge it’s contents with and with a single click of the mouse the contents are merged together.  MacMerger is freeware meaning it costs you nothing for this great utility.

MacMerger copies the contents of one folder to another much faster than the OS X Finder does utilizing special copying routines.  This is especially convenient when working with lots of small files or large amounts of pictures that usually take a very long time to copy using the Finder.

MacMerger Screenshot

To merge two folders, simply drag and drop the source folder to MacMerger.  Then drag and drop the destination folder you’d like the files from the source folder copied to into the program.  Click the Merge button and MacMerger will quickly begin merging the two.  Before the merging takes place, MacMerger will warn the user that the operation cannot be undone.

Please be aware that any files in the destination folder with the same filename WILL be overwritten by files of the same name from the source folder. The merger cannot be undone. Please make sure to have backup of any important files before merging folders.

MacMerger is freeware and as such is provided to you free of charge.  We ask nothing in return for it but if you enjoy this program, please consider making a donation to the SPCA’s animal shelter program.

Click here to download MacMerger for free!