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ParentsRemote™ makes it simple for you to monitor and control your children’s computer remotely using an interface that is as familiar as an advanced television remote control.

The built in key logger and history monitor help you keep track of who your child is communicating with online and know what they are saying. You can quickly and easily display recent websites, downloads, and programs, and decide what action to take.

The access to the built-in web camera and desktop screenshots lets you take photos inside their room and gives you the ability to glance at what is happening on their screen. These can also be automatically recorded at the interval of your choice.

Built for your OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, or 10.5 Apple Mac Computer.

Remote volume and power controls let you conveniently operate your child’s computer directly from your computer and dedicated instant messaging let’s you tell them what to do.

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  • View running applications and quit them.
  • See recently opened documents, applications, websites and more.
  • Control speaker volume and mute.
  • Record keystrokes to monitor typing.
  • Take pictures using the Mac’s iSight camera.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Send messages that appear on your child’s screen.
  • Put the computer to sleep, restart or shut down.

Setup is a breeze. Installation of ParentsRemote is very simple and installs without the need for the administrators password. This allows parents to install it on their child’s Mac even if the child has changed their password. All computers with ParentsRemote on your network appear automatically on the supervisor’s list and can be easily connected to with the simple click of a button. No difficult configuration or confusing setup process.

ParentsRemote encrypts all transmissions so your information is safe across the network. It also works only within your local network so there’s no need to worry about prying eyes from the internet or outside of your own network. View the applications your child is running currently in real-time. Should they be running something they shouldn’t, a simple click quits the application remotely.

Internet crimes against children are on the rise. Keep your kids safe by monitoring what they’re doing online and making sure they’re staying away from things that could get them in trouble or harm them. ParentsRemote gives parents the power to keep an eye on their children and make sure they’re safe.

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