We frequently receive emails from our customers thanking us for they great products they’ve purchased.  Here are some of their comments and feedback.

FileSalvage by Todd Howard


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Best $100 I ever spent.

LOVE, TODD HOWARD (seriously)


CameraSalvage by Ray Butts

Your stuff worked great and it saved me about 2000.00 from our local support people that wanted to do the work to recover my files. Thanks so much.


DeskTopEarth 3D by Rodney Catana

I downloaded the newer version (DesktopEarth 3D) as you suggested. I used the serial number previously mailed to me and it is working super!

Wow, is this ever a very cool program! Almost takes your breath away!

Thank you for helping and being so responsive! Happy life to you my friend……


FileSalvage by Brian D. of London

On July 14, I suffered a major primary hard drive failure. This happened immediately before my next daily backup and I stood to lose some 400 photographs and several other critical files created the day before. To add salt to my wounds, when able to briefly access the ailing disk, I discovered it had also been over-written in error by one of my own back-up programs! How this could have occurred I will never know!

Not unnaturally, I assumed I stood zero chance of data recovery and a trial of a few shareware utilities did nothing but reinforce that view. Then I found FileSalvage and was able to recover every important missing file in one simple scan. Fantastic!

I would like to express my sincere thanks to SubRosa for such an excellent piece of software and for saving the day for me!


FileSalvage by Robert West

FileSalvage is fantastic! A compact flash card containing hundreds of pictures was accidently erased and I was desperate to find a way to reclaim the images. A web-search led me to your product. I downloaded it and, without even bothering to read any directions, launched, searched and retrieved every single image in a matter of minutes. In less than half an hour I’d deleted my photos, found your product, downloaded and utilized it, and was back to work. With this type of ease of recovery, I’m likely to not even learn from my mistake of erasing in the first place! I was also impressed that the software was fully compatible with Apple’s newest OS- I was initially concerned that I may be “between versions” since Tiger was recently released, but there were no problems. Intuitive, quick and effective- perfect product for the job.


OfficeSalvage by Kris Collings

Just wanted to let you know that your software OfficeSalvage worked a miracle for me today. It retrieved my unintentional trashed Quark document and saved me at least 2 days of redoing that file. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!


OfficeSalvage by Kristi Reed

You just saved me a week of work. If only Office worked as well your software.


PodSalvage by Ben Frost

Greetings, so i pushed the wrong button… ‘automatically update ipod’, i dont keep a mirrored copy of my music on my laptop… that doesnt make sense to me…so in one fell swoop my entire music collection disappears- 40gigabytes in the blink of an eye. But i used PodSalvage… and i am now listening to it… ALL of it. again.

simply, what you guys have done is make f@#$ing brilliant software.

thankyou very much.

PodSalvage by Janie Angus

Your software is BRILLIANT, BTW. I just recovered files from a defunct iPod I thought I had no way of recovering, and that was written over accidentally by iTunes. I mean, it’s effing brilliant. Gigabytes of lost mp3 lectures. I can’t thank you enough for inventing this software. You’re better and faster than DriveSavers, ten days faster, and 1/50th the cost.


VolumeWorks by Larry Schlegel

VolumeWorks is a great product, and one that the Mac community has needed for quite some time. I’ve successfully used VolumeWorks to eliminate disk partitions, resize volume partitions, and consolidate empty disk space (shift)–all without having to reformat. Thanks again for a great product. I look forward to more updates.


CameraSalvage by Joan LaDuca

Thanks a million! It worked! I recovered all of my holiday photos. You have been very helpful. I truly appreciate it (and so does my family!)


CameraSalvage by Tony Lopes

I had some help from my “COMPUTER GURU” and we were able to recover the photos this afternoon.

Many thanks for your help and patience with me.

You have an excellent product. PERIOD

Best regards.


FileSalvage by Dana Morrison

I got distracted yesterday while doing a re-install of a machine. I was supposed to save the files on the desktop. By the time I’d realized the error, the drive was already running a ‘verify’ of the new installation. I tried the demo and could see the files and knew the info was good. But, I decided to purchase a competitor’s product… It didn’t cut it. I purchased the full version of FileSalvage and VIOLA! I just recovered almost 6 gigs of info… pictures, music, and documents. !! Excellent !!


FileSalvage by Johnny Kegglar


I would like to share my initial thoughts with you on first usage of File Salvage.

I plugged my La Cie external disk into my computer through my friend’s Seagate (very plastic cased) external drive to copy about 25 GB from the Seagate to mine. The connection was firewire 400.

After the transfer I tried to ‘eject’ the Seagate, then my La Cie – well – the partition on my La Cie that received the transfered files somehow lost its address data – in other words, that partition suddenly didn’t exist. I’d lost about 60GB of very important info.

I quickly bought Disk Warrior, which didn’t do a thing – then I bought Tech Tool Pro 4 (in the same day!) and nothing still. This was becoming expensive. I had almost given up when I remembered that I had bought File Utilities from your company one or two years ago. I went to your website and downloaded trial versions of FileSalvage and VolumeWorks to see if either could help.

FileSalvage immediately recovered almost half of the data – albeit without the original name of the files but who’s complaining? I returned to your website and bought the full version and have run it twice and recovered over 8000 files.

Thanks for rescuing me from the depths of despair! It’ll take a while to rename and sort out most of those files but they do exist now.

Many many thanks and best wishes.


FileSalvage by Lenny Aronsten

I can’t believe how fantastic the FileSalvage program worked!

I thought I’d lost all my photos, but I recovered 95%+ of them. I feel like a complete Wally, as I lost the photos in the process of backing up onto my new external hardrive. I re-partitioned the drive on my Powerbook, thinking that I’d backed-up on to the external, when I found only empty folders (I didn’t verify).

So I had to recover from the re-partitioned drive.

I think the trick is once you’ve discovered the mistake, don’t interact with the computer until you’re ready to do the recovery.

Thanks for the great software.


FileSalvage by Mike Pisani

I downloaded your software today and was able to recover all my accidently deleted files. Every photo came back, plus about 20,000 files I forgot I deleted. I cannot thank your staff enough. Awesome Product, well worth the money !

In my case, even more.

Thanks so much for making this available.

Using Latest version of Tiger.


FileSalvage by Pat Padilla

Thank you so much for all the help.

I am almost through scanning an external hard drive in OS X that was reformatted. I accidentally deleted a folder of files prior to doing the reformat. The files are being recovered!!

This is a great product. I work in design/graphics/photo imaging. I’m going to recommend this to all of the students in my class and to all of my industry partners. I’ll try to find some software review sites to post my comments as well.

Best regards and many thanks!


FileSalvage by Stefano Giambellini

i received your message and i’d like to thank you all of SubRosaSoft for this application.

You can’t imagine how much i appreciate that!

I’ve restored every file and document erased a couple of days ago by a bad system backup and my 2 months project is now safe!


PodSalvage by Jenny Fritz

Once I got past the numbers for the boxes and not being able to put my email in, it was a breeze. I’ve restored my daughter’s Ipod and I think every song is there. I’m really impressed with the software and will probably purchase it for all my Mac problems. Thank you also for responding last night, I was really upset because she didn’t know I had accidently lost her songs in I tunes. When I connected her Ipod think I could put them back in, they vanished from there too. Thanks!!!! J.


PodSalvage by Randall Erkelens

Thanks for all your help to date. Your software is recovering EVERYTHING that was deleted. Very worth the $39.

I work with over 50 young creatives at an advertising shop. Most of them have iPods. I’m going to send an email to the entire department about your product should they ever get into the same jam. I know iPod just hides the missing/deleted files and somebody that knows what they’re doing can recover them. But, this app makes it so easy for the common guy.


PodSalvage by Tony Tanner

Just a quick email to thank you for a truly great piece of software!

An hour ago i was at rock bottom; many of the tracks on my ipod were irreplaceable and of great sentimental value.

The best $40 i have spent in a long time.