General Questions

Does your software work on Mac 10.4.X?

Our software requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above.


Can FileSalvage recover files to the same disk?

Saving files to the same disk will risk the data you are trying to recover. For the safety of your data FileSalvage will not recover to the same disk it’s trying to recover from.

You can save your files to an external drive, flash drive, or a networked drive.

For more information about this process please contact

Can FileSalvage undelete the photos in my iPod?

By default, iPods capable of displaying photos only store thumnails of the image files. If the photos are stored as full resolution images – FileSalvage will be able to find them in a case of an accidental or intentional deletion.

Can FileSalvage work on the same disk as the boot drive?

Yes, you can run FileSalvage on any locally connected drive. However, the destination folder to recover the files to cannot be on the same volume you trying to recover the files from.

Does having FileSalvage mean I do not need to backup my data?

No data recovery system can beat the security of having a regular backup. SubRosaSoft strongly recommends you check your disk for integrity (using Apple’s Disk Utility or Prosoft’s Drive Genius) and back up your drive often using applications such as SubRosaSoft’s CopyCatX.

FileSalvage cannot see my iPod, iTunes can. What is wrong?

In order for FileSalvage to detect the iPod, the iPod will need to have Disk Use enabled. For information on how to enable disk use on your iPod please refer to this page “Using your iPod as a storage drive.”

FileSalvage located my songs but cannot play.

If some of your songs are purchased (encrypted songs), you will need to authenticate the destination using iTunes. Once this has been completed, the destination computer will be able to play the songs normally.


Can CopyCatX copy the active startup volume/device?

Yes, CopyCatX requires the source and the target volumes to be unmounted before proceeding with the duplication – so you will need to boot your machine from another bootable device (such as bootable USB drive, an external drive with OS installed, and etc…).

DesktopEarth 3D

How do I access the DesktopEarth 3D Globe Screen Saver?

The 3D globe is a manual screen saver. You will have to manually launch it by selecting it from the File menu.

How do I get DesktopEarth 3D's background auto updating?

DesktopEarth 3D will need to be running in order to be updated. DesktopEarth 3D needs to go online to download information for the clouds, the sun, and the moon. Make sure you have Internet access to run DesktopEarth 3D properly.

How often does DesktopEarth 3D's background get updated?

The night function gets updated every 10 minutes, the clouds every 3 hours, the sun every 3 to 6 hours, and the moon every 24 hours.

I am a guest user, DesktopEarth 3D wont work. What's going on?

You only have read-access to the program. When DesktopEarth is launched, it will try to place an image inside a folder within its content package. DesktopEarth cannot proceed without writing the image to the folder.

In DesktopEarth 3D, what is a CCD bakeout?

CCD bakeout means NASA is cleaning the video capture device for the sun cameras (SOHO). For more information, please visit the following site:

Is DesktopEarth 3D globe rotating in the wrong direction?

The globe is not turning. The software is simulating a camera revolving around the globe from the west to the east. Nice observation though.

DesktopEarth 3D display background shows the Apple default ?

Go to the system preferences and open Desktop & Screen Saver. Uncheck both Change Picture and Random order, and launch DesktopEarth3D again. You should see a DesktopEarth’s Desktop now.